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Stop-Motion Animation

The Butcher Baker and Candlestick Maker

A surreal take on the classic folk tale. A stop-motion animation produced for Balance (2023), at t
he Bargehouse, London.

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Design | Concept | Research

The Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker is a surrealist take on the classic Victorian tale. 
Inspired by the work of Tim Burton and Wes Anderson my aim is to create an immersive world that connects storytelling and atmosphere with the physical realisation of the sets and characters. The Butcher turns to reveal his porcine features, which mirrors the meat on which he works, the Baker pulls a never-ending baguette from his oven while the Candlestick maker, with his dripping facial features, dips an unfortunate cat into his cauldron of molten wax. The set has a hand-made, stylised aesthetic with distorted forms which add to the the surreal atmosphere, twisted window frames and exaggerated light effects tell a tale that feels familiar, yet strangely transformed. 
Process | Making 
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