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The Giant Pumpkin 

Giant polycarved pumpkin prop for the RWCMD Opera Gala (2022).
IMG_9434 - Edited - Edited - Edited.jpg
IMG-2561 - Edited - Edited.jpg
Design | Concept | Research

The Giant Pumpkin was designed as a central prop in the RWCMD Opera Gala performance of Cinderella. The original brief was to create a giant pumpkin that would transform into an abstract impression of the golden carriage. So one side would be naturalistic and the other golden. It also had to be light enough to carry, but strong enough to act as a seat for actors during the performance. Pumpkins have had magical associations since the 17th century, and the research for my design sketches drew on a diverse range of sources from Victorian folk tales to Charlie Brown. This process begins with original hand drawn sketches, which I then take into Procreate to further develop this idea. 

Giant Pumpkin.jpg
Realisation | Making 
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