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The Hare of Bath 

A character headdress made using sculpted lightweight foam and needle felting techniques for ‘Party in the City’, part of the Bath Festival 2023. The brief was to create an anthropomorphic character to walk around the festival and interact with the public. 
The Hare of Bath-65.jpg
The Hare of Bath-26.jpg
The Hare of Bath-29.jpg
The Hare of Bath-11.jpg
The Hare of Bath-23.jpg
The Hare of Bath-14.jpg
The Hare of Bath-18.jpg
The Hare of Bath-70.jpg
Design | Concept | Research

'The Bath Hare' fuses the psychotic-surrealism of John Tenniel's original illustrations in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Carroll, 1865) with a retro 70's styling that fits with the atmosphere of a music festival. The period accurate patterns and colourways of the clothing, compliment the natural materials of the headdress. My process begins with original hand drawn sketches, which I then take into Procreate to further develop my ideas.  My stylised design exagerates the dimensions and features of the Hare, to ensure it has impact in the festival setting. 
Process | Making 
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