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The Sorcerer's Lair 

A collection of sculpted and molded props which make up a sorcerer's workbench that would not be out of place in the dungeons of an ancient castle or strange apothecary.
Design | Concept | Research

Inspired by visits to Oxford's Pitt Rivers Museum, where I was always drawn to the strange specimens in glass cabinets, I wanted to explore the dark side of my creativity by designing and making a series of props with anthropomorphic elements. I wanted to use contrasting materials and textures, such as luxurious velvet, hard bone, shiny pewter and antique leather, yet make them work togther, within the macabre theme. This process begins with original hand drawn sketches, which I then take into Procreate to further develop my ideas.
_Sorcerer's Lair.png
Process | Making 
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